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I have been researching our French-Canadian fur trade ancestors for nearly a decade, so last week I decided to see if I could find any fur traders in our Dutch ancestors from Albany New York.  

As you know I found Jan Fransse Van Hoesen (1608-1665) our 9th great-grandfather who dabbled in the fur trade. SEE:

So, being an obsessive-compulsive genealogist I decided to see if I could find any fur traders in our New England ancestry.

I spent an entire day studying the fur trade in early Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

Armed with the names of some early New England fur traders I started comparing their surnames with ancestors in our family tree, and lo and behold I found in an online document titled, “John Pynchon, New England Fur Trade 1652-76,” a Joseph Parsons, fur trader and merchant from Massachusetts, and in our family tree I found an Elizabeth Parsons (1716-1800) who was the wife of Joseph Allen our 2nd cousin 9x removed.

Working backwards from Elizabeth Parsons (1716-1800) I found her great-grandfather Joseph Parsons (1620-1683).


Birth  before June 25, 1620, Great Torrington, Devon, England 
Death 09 October, 1683, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Colonial America  
Occupation: Fur trader, Fur Trade, merchant, land owner, very rich, Businessman and Soldier

He is the paternal grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin 9x removed — I know it’s a reach, but he is a relative.


1642: In 1642 he was one of the founders of the colony at Northampton, and one of the first purchasers of Indian lands there in 1645.[9] He was a fur trader[9] and bought the sole right to barter and traffic in furs in the Connecticut Valley for an annual fee of £12. He accumulated a large estate. [10]

1655: About 1655, he purchased of William Pynchon, for the sum of twelve pounds per year a monopoly of the Connecticut River beaver or fur trade, in which he was successfully engaged.

MORE: From: Cornet Joseph Parsons One of the Founders of Springfield and Northampton, Pages 93 and 94.


Joseph Parsons (1647 - ) -- paternal grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin 9x removed

Noah Parsons (1692 - ) -- Son of Joseph Parsons

Elizabeth Parsons (1716 - 1800) -- Daughter of Noah Parsons

Joseph Allen (1708 - 1755) -- Husband of Elizabeth Parsons

Samuel Allen (1666 - 1718) -- Father of Joseph Allen

Nehemiah Allen (1636 - 1684) -- Father of Samuel Allen

Samuel Allen (Allyn) (1588 - 1648) -- Father of Nehemiah Allen

John Allen (Allyn) (1638 - 1675) -- Son of Samuel Allen (Allyn)

John Allen (1670 - 1739) -- Son of John Allen (Allyn)

Elizabeth Allen (1698 - 1766) -- Daughter of John Allen

Elizabeth Ellsworth (1736 - 1780) -- Daughter of Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Rood (1753 - 1838) -- Daughter of Elizabeth Ellsworth

Rosemanty Rogers (1789 - 1843) -- Daughter of Elizabeth Rood

Orange Bailey (1811 - 1905) -- Son of Rosemanty Rogers

David Solomon Bailey (1837 - 1915 -- Son of Orange Bailey

David Jackson Bailey (1865 - 1949) -- Son of David Solomon Bailey

Frank Jackson Bailey (1886 - 1968) -- Son of David Jackson Bailey — our grandfather

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