Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sporting Collectibles -- Vintage Fisher Fly Rod

Back in 1983, I was in Seattle on a business trip.  I lodged at a downtown hotel, so after an early dinner I went for a walk and happened on to a Eddie Bauer store.

I had been looking for a travel fly rod for some time and Eddie Bauer had the perfect rod for my needs.  It's a 4 piece, 8', 6 weight fiber glass rod in a 24" aluminum case.

As luck would have it I only had an opportunity to use it one time, so it has been in storage for more than thirty years.

A few years back I gave all my fly fishing gear to my daughter, but overlooked the Bauer rod.  When I discovered it - I considered selling it on Ebay.  I did some research, and learned it was made by premier California fly rod maker J. kennedy Fisher.

The writing on these two rods leaves no doubt about who the maker is.

After learning its collector value I decided to hang on to it just in case I might want to do some fly fishing at some future date.

This has been a long hard winter for several reasons, so I'm planning on doing a little fly fishing on the upper Owens River when trout season opens.

I even bought the perfect reel to match up with my old Fisher made Bauer rod.  It's a 3 1/2", 6 weight, Hardy Brothers Princess from the late 1960s.

See you on the river.


  1. Hey there Drifting Cowboy....My name's Arden and I just came across the two rod set of Eddie Bauer made by Fisher fly rods.There's a 9' and 6'9" rod,and both are interchangeable to actually create four different setups.The 9' can either by a 4wt or a 6wt depending what tip you put on it ,and the 6'9" rod is the same.I'm just looking for any information about this set-up,being that I can basically find none.If by chance you do know a little about this ,would you mind getting back to me at I'd sure appreciate it bud......Thank you

    1. Sorry, I don't have anything helpful to add. Good luck in your quest.