Friday, February 22, 2013

Superman Makes Chatsworth Appearance

Chatsworth… eerr I mean Atsworth is a buzz.  Not with bees, but rather that other flying Chatsworth resident… SUPERMAN!

That's right last Tuesday night (2-19-13) the Chatsworth Historical Society screened clips from "Superman" (1948) the first movie serial to feature our comic book hero.

One of the neat discoveries for society members was that the old Chatsworth railroad station had been used in the serial -- with a simple sign change which read "Atsworth" rather than Chatsworth. 

Columbia lensed two Superman cliff-hangers -- both with -- multiple scenes lensed in Chatsworth or on the Iverson Ranch.  Actor Kirk Alyn was the first to play Superman in both serials.

Chatsworth's Superman Filmography

Superman (1948) starring Kirk Alyn, Noel Neill and Tommy Bond (Iverson Ranch)(Chatsworth) Columbia

Atom Man vs. Superman (1950) starring Kirk Alyn, Noel Neill and Lyle Talbot  (Iverson Ranch)(Chatsworth)  Columbia

But, did you know Superman's arch nemesis -- and the consummate evil genius -- Lex Luthor lived in Stoney Point? 

Stay tuned Batman is coming soon...