Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reel Little Cowboy of the Santa Susanas -- Tommy Ivo

Tommy Ivo (1936 - ) -- also known as "TV Tommy" -- is an American film and television actor who was also a drag racer active in the 1960s racing community. 

Between the mid 1940s and the early 1960s Tommy was a child actor who won roles in many B-Western films and television shows lensed in the Santa Susana Mountains.

Tommy's Santa Susana locations filmography:

Song of Arizona (1946) starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, George 'Gabby' Hayes (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Trail to Laredo (1948) starring Charles Starrett, Jim Bannon and Virginia Maxey starring Columbia

Laramie (1949) starring Charles Starrett, Fred F. Sears and Tommy Ivo (Fort Apache)(Silvertown)(Corriganville) Columbia 

Outcasts of the Trail (1949) starring Monte Hale, Paul Hurst, Jeff Donnell (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Feudin' Rhythm (1949) starring Eddy Arnold, Gloria Henry, Kirby Grant, Isabel Randolph starring Corriganville

Horsemen of the Sierras (1949) starring Charles Starrett, Smiley Burnette, T. Texas Tyler (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

Trail of the Rustlers (1950) starring Charles Starrett, Gail Davis, Tommy Ivo (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951) starring Dan Duryea, Gale Storm, Dick Foran (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

Snake River Desperadoes (1951) starring Charles Starrett, Don Reynolds, Tommy Ivo (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

"The Hills of Utah" (1951) starring Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, Elaine Riley (Iverson Ranch)(Corriganville) Columbia

"The Rough, Tough West" (1952) starring Charles Starrett, Jock Mahoney, Carolina Cotton (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

"The Gene Autry Show" (TV Series) episode: The Doodle Bug (1950)

"The Range Rider" (TV Series) episode: The Secret Lode (1951)

"Hopalong Cassidy" (TV Series) episode: Marked Cards (1952)

"The Lone Ranger" (TV Series) episode: Heart of a Cheater (1955)

"Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" (TV Series) episodes: Blake's Kid (1955); episode: Johnny Deuce (1951); The Dog Collar Story (1951)

"The Adventures of Jim Bowie" (TV Series) episodes: Outlaw Kingdom (1956); Jim Bowie Comes Home (1956)

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  1. I'm glad they left intact the rock foundation of the stable/new barn in Corriganville. Thus, allowing comparison with lobby cards and scenes from movies shot there. It makes for a good tie-in between the present and the past. The same can be said for the rock ring around the nearby tree, stunt rock and the dam. Although, I haven't seen it in many movies, I wish that the bridge across the lake were still there.