Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Cowboy Knife Ever -- Buck Horseman's Knife

About 20 years ago I bought a "Buck Horseman's Knife" from a packer and outfitters store in Cody, Wyoming.  I've carried that knife clipped to my boot, or in my hip pocket on every horseback ride since then.  

Over the years I've picked a ton of rocks out of horse hoofs with the sturdy aluminum hoof pick, and I've cut a couple of lead ropes on panicked horses.  See my story -- "Cowboy Wisdom -- Why carry a sharp knife"

Then roughly ten years back I started getting plumb anxious and worried I'd lose the best knife I ever owned.  I started looking for another one to put away as a backup, and I soon discovered -- for some undetermined reason -- Buck had quit making them.  I got in touch with the Buck factory and a representative promised to keep my name on file and let me know if they ever made some more.

Look close and you'll see my knife clipped to my boot

Another five years went by -- I was traveling a lot to do Cowboy Mounted Shooting -- I started getting' down-right paranoid about losing that knife.  I started watching ebay on a daily basis, and after about two years of searching I found one at auction that was a special presentation for the employees at Purina Mills.  It came a nylon sheath -- mine never had one -- and included an original Buck plastic bag.

It's amazing the lengths we'll go to for something unusual that works so well.  It cost me a heap of dough, but I now have an backup of the Best Cowboy Knife Ever -- Buck Horseman's Knife


  1. I had above horseman knife , every thing you said very true - I gave it to a day working cowboy . Thinking I could easily get another but I can find a supplier! . Any suggestions . Jim Rohrer.

  2. I'm 75 and no longer riding, so someday soon I'll put the Purina Mills Buck knife on ebay. I figure it'll fetch around $200-250.

  3. no need for ebay ... I'll take it!

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  4. I received this wonderful knife as a gift from my brother in 1994. I never left the the barn without it. My husband passed in 2003 so I eventually found good homes for my horses and moved into the city. I put my knife in the driver's side door of my car where it remained for the 14 years I drove that car. 2 weeks ago I bought a "new to me" car and the first thing I did was put my precious knife into the door of my new car. Yesterday I went out to the car and found someone broke into it. The only thing that was missing was my pepper spray and my Buck Horseman's knife! My brother has been gone for several years. It really ticks me off that some punk is walkiing around with this special knife in his pocket not having a clue of how important it was to me.
    Most people would think it's silly to be upset about a knife. However, when I was searching for a replacement, I found your blog. I now realize I'm not the only one to have such a personal relationship with my Buck Horseman's Knife. Jane Rice

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the story. I understand! I haven't ridden for about two years because of age related problems. Last week a young friend of mine wanted to lunge my mare and ride her. The first thing I did was to go in the house and put my Buck knife in my pocket. You never know when you might have to cut a rope to someone or a horse.