Tuesday, February 11, 2020

CHATSWORTH MOVIES — updated links

When I started writing this blog back in October 2011, my goal was to leave for my grandsons the answers to questions I wished I had asked my granddad...

During my life I've been a soldier, a home builder, a cowboy folk artist, a community activist, a movie historian, and a genealogist.

This blog is about all my life's passions: horses, canoeing, trout fishing, cowboy folk art, Western movies, family history, and especially fur trade history.

CHATSWORTH MOVIES are the most popular posts, so I decided to add a page with links to the most visited posts:

Films of Boulder Pass - A Comprehensive List of — Chatsworth, California — movies

Reel Cowboys, Cowgirls, etc -- Chatsworth's Six-Gun Heroes

Chatsworth Equine Cultural Heritage Organization's Parting Gift

 MY OTHER BLOG: LA PRAIRIE VOYAGEUR CANOES… is about Fur Trade History as it relates to my family heritage and legacy.


Yours truly, 2nd from left, Glenfed Development Corp., 1989

If you share my passion for canoeing here are links to older posts…

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Before you leave, let's take one last gallop across Chatsworth's Boulder Pass...

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Adios, until we meet again