Saturday, September 26, 2015

Genealogy Acts of Kindness

A genealogy act of kindness is sending a photo or document to a researcher without asking for anything in return.

This week I received some photos from a distant cousin whose 2nd great grandmother (Hannah Boyd) is the sister of my 2nd great grandmother Sophia (Boyd) Bailey. 

In the photo above -- the gents seated are David Solomon Bailey (right) my 2nd great grandfather and his brother-in-law Frances Holland Shonkwiler (left); the lady on the far right is Sophia.

The second photo (above) is Sophia's niece Lucy (Shonkwiler) Stocker (left), her husband Marion Stocker behind mules, and Marion's sister Bertha (Right).

Thank you Linda.

More about David Solomon Bailey:

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cowboy Collectibles -- Rare Fishing Watch Fob

c. 1910 Big Pine, Cal - Home of the Trout watch fob

Fishing and angling themed watch fobs are rare to begin with, so when you find one from your home state they are really special.

Most of my life I have spent some time every summer fishing in California's Eastern High Sierras.  

And, for me when you're traveling up US-395 from Los Angeles, and have reached Big Pine, California when are in "fishing country." 

Cowboy Collectibles -- More Horse Themed Watch Fobs

Stewart's Horse Clipping Machine circa 1905

In an earlier post about Cowboy Collectible watch fobs I explained it gives me a good deal of pleasure to learn about some of things that my grandfathers may have used in their everyday life. 

It's one of the reasons I'm attracted to 'Horse Themed Watch Fobs.'  There's a better than good chance my granddad, his dad, or even his granddad used some of these products to keep their saddle and draft horses working.

Here's a circa 1905, advertising watch fob for the Stewart horse clipping machine (pictured above).  Can you imagine clipping your horse with one of these?

I love the image on this Standard Horse Shoe Company watch fob from Boston.

According to reverse side on this 1918 fob the Grand Island, Nebraska Horse & Mule Company held an auction every Monday and Tuesday.