Friday, April 25, 2014

Meanwhile back at the ranch -- Oat Mountain

Oat Mountain with its summit at 3747 feet is the tallest mountain in the Santa Susana Mountain Range.  The Santa Susana range skirts the northern edges of both the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley.  

Oat Mountain was visible from most filming locations on the Iverson and Brandeis Movie Ranches when the camera was facing North, and was an easy way to verify their location in films lensed there.

As you will see in the following collection of movie stills the summit of Oat Mountain sits atop a collection of ridges that join near the mountain top, and it is framed with similar but shorter mountains on both the East and West sides.

The mountain gets its name because it is covered with wild oats giving a emerald green appearance in the spring and a golden hue during the remainder of the year.

Prairie Moon (1938) - Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Shirley Deane (Brandeis Ranch) (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Boss of Bullion City (1940) - Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight, Nell O'Day (Iverson Ranch) Universal

Valley of Hunted Men (1942) - Bob Steele, Tom Tyler, Jimmie Dodd (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Buffalo Bill Rides Again (1947) - Richard Arlen, Jennifer Holt, Lee Shumway (Iverson Ranch) Jack Schwarz

Law of the Canyon (1947) - Charles Starrett, Nancy Saunders, Robert 'Buzz' Henry (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

Partners of the Sunset (1948) - Jimmy Wakely, Dub Taylor and Christine Larsen (Iverson Ranch) Monogram

King of the Rocket Men (1949) - Tristram Coffin, Mae Clarke, Don Haggerty (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Nevada Badmen (1951) - Whip Wilson, Fuzzy Knight and Jim Bannon (Iverson Ranch) Monogram

Rodeo King and the Senorita (1951) - Rex Allen, Koko, Mary Ellen Kay (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Rough Riders of Durango (1951) - Allan Lane, Black Jack, Walter Baldwin (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Spoilers of the Plains (1951) - Roy Rogers, Trigger, Penny Edwards (Iverson Ranch) Republic

"Hopalong Cassidy" TV Series (1952–1954) - William Boyd, Topper the Horse, Edgar Buchanan (Iverson Ranch) Hopalong Cassidy Prod.

Radar Men from the Moon (1952) - George Wallace, Aline Towne, Roy Barcroft (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Stranger Wore a Gun, The (1953) - Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor, Joan Weldon, George Macready (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

Rawhide Trail, The (1958) - Rex Reason, Nancy Gates, Richard Erdman, Ann Doran (Iverson Ranch) Universal

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