Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sporting Collectibles -- Fisherman's Paraphernalia

Shakespeare fishing reel oil, Horrocks-Ibbotson fishing rod varnish, and Kingfisher dry fly oil bottles.

Vintage Kingfisher leader on original card, and a coil of Kingfisher fishing line from the Horton Mfg. Co.

Bill Dewitt Baits "Pyra Shell" Plastic Fly Fishing Boxes (circa 1940) and vintage flies.

Vintage Plueger Indiana trout spinner close up of Bulldog logo -- an attracter to which you attach your favorite fly.

A scarce 1913 A.F. Meisselbach & Bro. fisherman's scale.

Vintage Herter's model 2 sportsman's pocket compass and original box.

Vintage advertising match safe with fishermen in canoe and jumping pike.

Vintage advertising match safe (back) Wolf & Ulrich, "The Dizzy," Chicago.

Sportman's measuring tape and Red Ball Waders advertising ruler.  No liars here.

Vintage English pewter hip whisky flask with fishing scene.  To be carried in case of snake bite.

Vintage 1995, Remington UMC -- Stren Fishing Line -- advertising knife.  A limited edition of 5000.

1920 or 1930s Horrocks - Ibbotson Co. 6" advertising ruler.

What's in your tackle box?

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