Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Life and Times of Cowboy Granddad

Zinger, Kasidy May and yours truly - Flag Day 2015

For the past 22 years I have been known, to a few, as Cowboy Granddad.  It's a handle my daughter-in-law bestowed on me when my grandsons were growing up.

Four years back I crossed over my allotted "three score and ten" threshold, and next year I'll hit the "3/4 Century" mark. 

I guess now is a good time to reflect on a my live.  It's been good one filled with lots of wonderful small adventures, so any time the 'Old Man' calls me to cash in -- I'm ready. 

I feel very fortunate to have gotten the answers to that question many people have yet to know...

I learned to ride and love horses in Kalispell, Montana (1950)

Who Do You Think You Are?

I've studied my family history for 40+ years and have had a modicum of success.

I am proud to claim a "cowboy legacy."   My family roots have, for the most part, been tied to the land.

My recent ancestors, the past twelve generations, came to America (and Canada) from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

Among them there were Puritans, Quakers, Anglicans, Catholics, Huguenots, Baptists, Presbyterians, and a plethora of other Protestant sects.

Their occupations included farmers, ranchers, loggers, fur traders, teamsters, blacksmiths, saddle-makers, coachmen, horse-traders, canoe-men, cavalry-men, soldiers, and builders.

Over the years I personally tried my hand at home building, cowboy folk art, book writing, and even took a shot at politics.

A couple of years back my eldest grandson had a college class project that required him to interview his granddad to ask about the changes seen in a lifetime.

I responded, in part, by taking all of my favorite photos, and putting them in a slideshow that reflects the past "three score and ten."

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