Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cowboy Chic -- Folk art watercolor paintings

When my daughter Pamela was working on her Ph.D at MIT (during the early 1990s), we visited her in Boston and explored the famous mile-long Brimfield, Massachusetts, outdoor antique shows.  I found a wonderful old watercolor of a cowgirl on paper that was fragile and falling apart.  When I got home I copied it (above).  That jump-started my painting.  Over the next few years, I completed several simple watercolors.

When I bought my palomino--Sunup--in 1996, I did a series of imaginary family portraits while I toyed with the idea of writing a children's book.  The watercolor above is Sunup with his mother (a chestnut mare).

I imagined Sunup as a wild stallion (above), king of his Montana mustang herd.

This pen and ink with watercolor wash (above) was simply titled "Mustang Herd."

When we purchased Cash in 1997, I did a pen and ink with a watercolor wash of him.

When Joyce bought Zinger in 1999, I did a pen and ink with watercolor wash of him as well.  The piece is titled "Her Prince."

I rounded out the series with a portrait of Sunup with a bosel titled "Hackamore Colt."

Here's another early watercolor titled "Montana" painted in 1991.  I really should do some more of these :-)

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