Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017, 14th Annual Chatsworth Day of the Horse

It's hard to believe it's been 14 years since I started the Chatsworth Day of the Horse back in 2004.

Lots of younger, hard working folks are keeping the event alive and well.

As usual I'll be there with my books for sale...

Rendezvous at Boulder Pass - Hollywood's Fantasyland 
by Jerry England, a primer on Chatsworth Movie Ranches
is OUT-OF-PRINT, but I have a few ebook copies (pdf) for sale at $20.00

Photographs, movie stills, lobby cards, and screenshots capture the Iverson Ranch as it looks today and as it appeared during a half century of movie-making between 1912 and the late 1970s.

In Chatsworth's (California) backyard, there remains a fantasyland that was forever made famous by Hollywood...  

A place where Superman once captured the evil Luthor in his hidden Stoney Point cave, where Batman wrestled a criminal on top of a speeding locomotive, where Tarzan the Ape Man found an ancient elephant graveyard, and where John Wayne's fighting Seabees pushed a Japanese tank off the same cliff that Nyoka used to escape Vultura's killer ape.  

The place is Boulder Pass. It was the jungles of India and Africa, the sands of the Sahara, the Khyber Pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the plains of Montana, and the High Sierras and the Rocky Mountains all rolled into one. It was the scene of stagecoach holdups, posses chasing outlaws on owlhoot (outlaw) trails, Indians attacking white settlers in remote cabins, flying rocket men, and unearthly spaceship landings. It was a land for make-believe. It could be anything a Hollywood director fancied.

Boulder Pass is a fictitious name borrowed from an old B-Western movie. The real place is the Santa Susana Pass in Chatsworth, California. For nearly three-quarters of a century, the Santa Susana Pass was home to the granddaddy of all movie location ranches - the Iverson Ranch. It was also the home of several other filming locations, including the Brandeis Ranch, Corriganville, Burro Flats, Bell Location Ranch, Chatsworth Lake, Roy Rogers' Double R Bar Ranch, Spahn Ranch, Southern Pacific Railroad's tunnels, and the Chatsworth train depot.

362 pages, softcover, B&W, © 2010 Echo Press

Also back by popular demand...

Chatsworth Movie Locations DVD documentary video for sale at $15.00

presentation to the Chatsworth Historical Society, Jan. 18, 2011.


Callaway Went Thataway - 1951 film clip from a Western comedy featuring the entire Iverson Ranch - (00:02:57)

Iverson Location Ranch - 3-Part Series examines: 
• Garden of the Gods, • Indian Hills, and • Upper Ranch filming areas - (00:34:44)

Highways & Byways - A nostalgic look at Chatsworth highways as seen in the movies - (00:36:38)

Funny Business on the Ranch - some of the best comedy scenes ever filmed in Chatsworth - (00:41:11)

Explosions & Wrecks - Special effects (FX) lensed on the Iverson Ranch - (00:47:16)

Includes a brief look at other Chatsworth filming locations

Bell Motion Picture Ranch - (00:48:31)

Brandeis Movie Ranch - (00:52:18)

Burro Flats (now known as the Rocketdyne SSFL) - (00:53:10)

Chatsworth Lake (aka Chatswoth Reservoir)  - (00:54:28)

Chatsworth Trains (depot, tunnels, tracks, etc) - (01:03:12)

Double R Bar Ranch - (Roy Rogers & Dale Evans former home) - (01:04:23)

Total running time just over a hour1:04:23  $15.00

Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas
by Jerry England for sale at $23.00

A photographic history of "B" Western movie location ranches in Chatsworth, California with more than 350 photos of scenes lensed in the Santa Susana Mountains.

Witness Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne, Allan Lane, Bill Elliott, Charles Starrett, the Lone Ranger, Buster Crabbe, Tim McCoy, Lash LaRue, and many other six-gun heroes as they ride the pony trails of the gone, but not forgotten Iverson Movie Location Ranch, Brandeis Movie Ranch, Bell Moving Picture Ranch, Corriganville Movie Ranch, Spahn Ranch, and Burro Flats. 

View action scenes filmed at Chatsworth's reservoir, train depot, and railroad tunnels. 

Then follow your favorite Hollywood cowboy through the western streets, outlaw shacks, stagecoach stops, and ranch houses you've seen in hundreds of "B" Westerns.

152 pages, softcover, B&W, © 2008 Echo Press

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If you are new to horses, please check out my post about horse safety 

Happy Trails

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