Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fishing and Canoeing Tales

Summary of Fishing and Canoeing Tales posted through the end of 2012

Sometimes you can touch bottom, sometimes you can't

Some folks may call my rod and reel vintage

Stealth of the paddle--finding the silent places

Capsizing a canoe for the first time could be your last time

My first real Montana fishing trip

Stealing a couple of hours to go fishing during a family vacation

Catching fish and cleaning 'em in bear country

I don't need no stinkin' Repala knot

Father and son Western history adventure

What does a Chemical Neurobiologist and an old Cowboy have in common?

An old bionic cowboy goes solo canoeing

My first canoe camping trip -- nearly forty years ago

Getting it all together -- canoe camping in the BWCA

Montana canoe adventure -- floating the Missouri

Canoe fishing essentials -- make life easy

Solo canoe camping -- equipment checklist

How can you tell if a fisherman is lying?

Good canoe fishing lakes in the High Sierras

Northwesterns -- Voyageur, canoe and fur trade adventure stories

Loons and other icons of the northwoods

Wilderness canoe travel -- The portage

Hula Poppers -- My favorite bass fishing lure

Everyone must believe in something -- I believe I'll go canoeing

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