Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cowboy Collectibles -- Cowboy Contest Watch Fob

From August 3rd through the 11th, 1935, rodeo promoter Col. John Van “Tex” Austin (known as the Daddy of Rodeo) held his "World's Championship Cowboy Contest," rodeo in Gilmore Stadium, Los Angeles. 

Rather than badges each contestant was presented with a watch fob bearing their contestant number.  Contestant number 37 scratched his initials, E. H., into the back of this fob.

Previously Tex Austin had produced rodeos in New York, Chicago, and London where he rubbed elbows with the rodeo elite -- folks like Will Rogers, Hoot Gibson and Yakima Canutt.

Here's the news story that appeared in the The Arcadia Tribune -- June 28, 1935...

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  1. My great grandfather is Tex Austin. Would you be interested in selling the watch fob? My email is

  2. Brooke ended up buying this fob from me at a price I considered was below its market value. The difference I figure is a genealogy act of kindness that will pay dividends in the end.