Friday, May 13, 2016

Movie History in Chatsworth, California

Howdy! My name is Jerry England...

I'm nearly three quarters of a century old, and I've been passionate about a lot of things in all those years.

Most notable -- the things that excite me most -- are horses, cowboys, Western movies, canoeing, fishing, cowboy folk art, and my family legacy.

This blog is nearly five years old, and there are too many posts to keep an accurate index, so from time to time I add a few on my favorite links for folks who are interested in the movie history of my home town -- Chatsworth, California.

Here are a few random posts I think you might like…

Chatsworth Movies

San Fernando Valley Horses and Movies Are Forever Linked

Chatsworth's Road to Movie Magic -- Part One

Chatsworth's Road to Movie Magic -- Part Two

My Baby Loves Western Movies & Ranches

Chatsworth's Rock Stars

Meanwhile back at the ranch -- Map to rock star locations

Big News on the Iverson Movie Ranch

Homage to six-gun heroes and their gallant horses

Chatsworth Misc.

2015 Chatsworth Day of the Horse

Cowboy Culture -- Horses vs Houses

Cowboy Culture -- Cowboy's lament

Cowboy Culture -- Unlikely compaƱeros

Cowboy Stuff

Cowboy Folk Art, Antiques and Decorating

 Cowboy and Horse Tales

Canoeing, Fishing and Hunting

12' Pack & 14' Hunter -- Discontinued Old Town Canoes

Fishing and Canoeing Tales

Sporting Collectibles -- Canoes

Hunter, Trader, Trapper and Outdoor Tales

If you find anything you like please feel free to leave a comment.

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