Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back Trails and Tales of a Western Family

Mom's Family...

My Leber Family -- La Prairie, Quebec, Canada

Cowboy Legacy -- Discovering Family Roots

Cowboy Legacy -- A Million Ancestors in 20 Generations

Cowboy Legacy -- Pistol Packin' Momma

Our Quaker heritage began with John Hallowell (1648-1706)

Great Granddad Minted America's First Coins

Great-Uncle Rene Was A Coureurs Des Bois

Great Granddad Was Murdered By Iroquois Indians

Great Grandma Was A French King's Daughter

Great Granddad Was a Threshing Machine Builder

Great Granddad Was The Village Blacksmith

1908, Montana Schoolmarm Finds Romance

Thank Goodness For Traveling Photographers

Great Granddad at the Battle of New Orleans

Great Grandfather Died During the Civil War

Great Granddad Died at Sea in 1847

Great Granddad was a Cheesehead

Was Cousin Daniel A Potawatomi Chief?

Great Granddad was a French Sharpshooter

Cowboy Legacy -- Great Granddad Was A Fur Trader

Cowboy Legacy -- Neva Plympton (1870-1939) Montana Pioneer

Cowboy Legacy -- Fight for Liberty

Cowboy Legacy -- French connection

Cowboy Legacy -- Founding father and independence

Cowboy Legacy -- Peaceable folks and a rough rider

Cowboy Legacy -- Great grandma was hanged for witchcraft

Cowboy Legacy -- Pioneer trails Westward 1800 - 1935

Cowboy Legacy -- Puritan New England 1638 to Iowa Territory 1845

Cowboy Legacy -- Wheat farming in Idaho

Cowboy Legacy -- Lewiston Orchards and the Great Depression

Cowboy Legacy -- The short, tragic life of Marcus Pierce

Cowboy Legacy -- Grandpa Brown's barn

Cowboy Legacy -- Nebraska 1869 to Idaho 1903

Cowboy Legacy -- Kendrick, Idaho 1903 - 1928

Cowboy Legacy -- Mountain Brook homestead

Great granddad was burned at the stake

3rd Iowa Cavalry

Cowboy Legacy -- Montana stump ranch 1912

WWI Montana Military Mystery

Cowboy Legacy -- Bailey cowgirls

Cowboy Legacy -- Early Montana schools

Cowboy Legacy -- Belgian horses

Cowboy Legacy -- Discovering family photos

Cowboy Legacy -- Saskatchewan homesteader

Cowboy Legacy -- Iowa Territory 1845 to Nebraska 1869

Cowboy Legacy -- Montana record elk

Was Great Grandma A Marranos of Portugal

Dad's Family...

Was Great Granddad A Viking King?

Great Grandfather was a foreman at Woolwich Dockyard

Great Granddad Was An Ironmonger

Great Granddad Was A Great Lakes Sailor

DNA Links Great Grandmother To Scotland

Great Granddad Was A Prince Edward Island Fisherman

Great Granddad was a Victorian Coachman

British Legacy -- Zeppelin raid over Plumstead, England

British Legacy -- Seeking the American dream

British Legacy -- British Royal Artillery, West Indies 1795

Cowboy Legacy -- Looking north to Canada

British Legacy -- Born 1826 in Newfoundland

British Legacy -- Four generations of wood workers

Cowboy Legacy -- Itchy feet and Oakhurst

British Legacy -- Woolwich Arsenal Retirement 1917

British Legacy -- Collecting woodworking tools

Cowboy Granddad...

Life and Times of Cowboy Granddad

Cowboy Culture -- Recollections of Mountain Living

Cowboy Legacy -- First Deer Hunt

Cowboy Culture -- A boy, a river, and a fox in a box

Cowboy Legacy -- Be all you can

California Home Builder -- 1956 apprentice carpenter to building contractor

California Home Builder -- 1969 production home builder

California Home Builder -- 1972 construction manager

California Home Builder -- 1984 home building company manager

California Home Builder -- 2011 end of a 55 year career

Cowgirls love jet pilots -- especially when they call you mom

Father and son Western history adventure

What does a Chemical Neurobiologist and an old Cowboy have in common?

Growing up cowboy -- in the San Fernando Valley

Cowboy Legacy -- Great-grandsons of the West

Happy Independence Day [2012]

Cowboy Legacy, Family & Ancestry

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