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Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas -- Ken Maynard

'Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas' is a continuing series about "six-gun heroes that performed on movie location ranches in Chatsworth, California.  For more information about Chatsworth filming locations see to find information about my books: Rendezvous at Boulder Pass: Hollywood's Fantasyland - 2010 and Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas - 2008.

Ken Maynard (1895-1973) was a B-Western cowboy star.  As a young man he became an accomplished horseman and rodeo star, and before World War I was performing as a trick rider in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.  After the war he became a circus rider with Ringling Brothers.  When the circus was in Los Angeles he met actor Buck Jones who encouraged him to seek work in the movies.

Maynard began acting and doing stunt work in silent films as early as 1923.  In 1925 he acquired a magnificent palomino horse named Tarzan.  Together they were billed as Ken Maynard and his Wonder Horse Tarzan (photo above).

Maynard actually became one of the first singing cowboys, and signed with Columbia records.  In 1930 he worked for Universal where he made Sons of the Saddle a film with a musical soundtrack in which he sang two songs.  Between the 1920s and 1940s Maynard made more than 90 Western movies.

Although he was arguably the finest horsemen in the movies he battled alcoholism, so his career ended early in the mid 1940s.

Ken Maynard's Santa Susana locations filmography:

Arizona Whirlwind (1944) starring Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson and Bob Steele (Corriganville) Monogram
Avenging Waters (1936) starring Ken Maynard - Columbia

Blazing Guns (1943) starring Ken Maynard and Hoot Gibson (Corriganville) Monogram

Death Valley Rangers (1943) starring Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson and Bob Steele (Corriganville) Monogram
Fargo Express (1933) starring Ken Maynard - Sono Art World

The Fugitive Sheriff (1936) starring Ken Maynard - Columbia
Harmony Trail (1944) starring Ken Maynard and Eddie Dean (Corriganville) Astor

Heir to Trouble (1935) starring Ken Maynard (Brandeis Ranch) Columbia
The Law Rides Again (1943) starring Ken Maynard and Hoot Gibson (Corriganville) Monogram
Lawless Riders (1935) starring Ken Maynard  (Iverson Ranch) Columbia
The Lone Avenger (1933) starring Ken Maynard - K.B.S. Productions

Mystery Mountain (1934) starring Ken Maynard (Iverson Ranch) Mascot [serial]

Phantom Rancher (1940) starring Ken Maynard (Brandeis Ranch) Colony

Sunset Trail (1932) starring Ken Maynard - States Rights
Western Courage (1935) starring Ken Maynard - Columbia
Westward Bound (1944) starring Ken Maynard/Hoot Gibson/Bob Steele (Corriganville) Monogram
Whirlwind Horseman (1938) starring Ken Maynard - Grand National

Whistlin' Dan (1932) starring Ken Maynard - Tiffany
Wild Horse Stampede (1943) starring Ken Maynard and Hoot Gibson (Corriganville) Monogram

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