Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Chatsworth Movies -- The Gallant Legion (1948)

The Gallant Legion (1948) was Directed by Joe Kane and stars Bill Elliott, Adrian Booth (aka Lorna Gray) and Joseph Schildkraut 

This is a top-notch Republic Pictures Western with plenty of fast paced action.  It was filmed on Chatsworth's Iverson Ranch.


The tale -- partly historically accurate -- follows Texas Ranger Gary Conway (Bill Elliott), who sets out to stop a crooked politician and his cronies from breaking up the Lone Star State into sections and setting up their own fiefdoms.  

Along the way Connie Faulkner (Adrian Booth) -- a newswoman --  joins Gary Conway, and helps expose the crooked politicians when they try to disband the Rangers.


"Wild Bill" Elliott as Gary Conway
Adrian Booth as Connie Faulkner
Joseph Schildkraut as Sen. Clarke Faulkner
Bruce Cabot as Beau Laroux
Andy Devine as Windy Hornblower
Jack Holt as Capt. Banner
Grant Withers as Wesley Hardin
Adele Mara as Catalina
James Brown as Tom Banner
Hal Landon as Chuck Conway
Tex Terry as Sgt. Clint Mason
Lester Sharpe as Matt Kirby
Hal Taliaferro as Billy Smith
Russell Hicks as Senator Beale
Herbert Rawlinson as Major Grant

Excellent cinematography by Jack Marta shows us the lower Iverson Ranch and in particular the Garden of the Gods as they were seldom seen.  See my YouTube clip at

This is one of my favorite Wild Bill Elliott oaters, and I know you won't be disappointed.

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