Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Chatsworth Movies -- Three Ages (1923)

Three Ages (1923) is an American feature-length silent film comedy starring Buster Keaton, Margaret Leahy, Wallace Beery.  To me this film is as watchable today as it was when it was created -- 80 years ago.  You'll literally LOL :)


Three plots in three different historical periods -- prehistoric times, ancient Rome, and modern times (the Roaring Twenties) -- alternate with contrasting scenes to prove the point that men's love for woman has not significantly changed throughout history.


  • Margaret Leahy as the Girl
  • Wallace Beery as the Villain
  • Buster Keaton as the Boy
  • Lillian Lawrence as the Girl's Mother
  • Joe Roberts as the Girl's Father
  • Kewpie Morgan as The Emperor; Cave Man and Roman Thug

For the Iverson Movie Ranch researcher there are marvelous scenes filmed in the Garden of the Gods, at Three Ages Rock, Devil's Doorway, Bathtub Rock and other lower ranch locations during the prehistoric time period.

Video clips

Three Ages Rock scene on YouTube --

Bathtub Rock on YouTube --

Keaton's sense of timing in nothing short of magic.  I highly recommend watching this film.

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