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Great Grandmother's Brothers came with Samuel de Champlain

Two brothers of Anne Godefroy, my 9th great grandmother: Thomas Godefroy de Normanville and Jean Godefroy de Lintot arrived in New France with Samuel de Champlain about 1626.

They both served under Champlain in the capacity of interpreters.

After the capture of Quebec by the Kirkes (England) in 1629, both brothers stayed on in the colony, living in the woods with the Indians.

When the French returned, about 1632, Jean Godefroy settled at Trois-Rivères, where he was to spend the rest of his life, but Thomas continued to act as an interpreter until he was killed by Indians in 1652.

Jean Godefroy sculpture by sur bois de Leo Arbour

Jean-Baptiste Godefroy de Linctot, Sieur -- 10th great grand uncle

Jean was born about 1607 in Lintot, pays de Caux, en Normandie, France; and died 1681 in Trois-Rivières, Canada.  He was the eldest son of Pierre Godefroy de Linctot and Perrette Cavalier.

In 1636, Jean married Marie Le Neuf  in Trois-Rivières, Canada.  Marie Leneuf was the daughter of Mathieu Leneuf, Sieur du Hérisson, and of Jeanne Le Marchant of Caen.  Marie Le Neuf was born about 1612 in Caen, Normandie, France, and died 27 Oct 1688 in Trois Rivières.

Between 1637 and 1658 Jean and Marie had 11 children, of whom 8 were sons who almost all distinguished themselves in the service of New France.

Children of Jean-Baptiste Godefroy and Marie-Jeanne Leneuf:

i. Michel Godefroy, Sieur DeLinctot, born 21 Oct 1637 in Trois Rivières, Quebec; died 17 May 1709 in Trois Rivières, Quebec; m. Perrine Picote de Belestre, 02 Sep 1664 in Montréal, Quebec. He is the first white child to be born and baptized at Trois Rivières.

ii. Louis Godefroy, Sieur of Normanville, born 20 Mar 1639 in Trois Rivières; died 21 Jan 1679 in Trois Rivières; m. Marguerite Seigneuret dit Delisle Bef. 09 May 1669 in presumed Trois Rivières).

iii. Jacques Godefroy dit Delinctot, born 06 Mar 1641 in Trois Rivières; died about 25 Jun 1661 in Trois Rivières. He was killed by the Iroquois Indians.

iv. Unnamed Godefroy dit Delinctot, born 25 Apr 1643 in Trois Rivières; died 25 Apr 1643 in Trois Rivières.

v. Jeanne-Louise Godefroy ditto Delinctot, born 11 Apr 1644 in Trois Rivières; died 28 Jun 1713 in Québec City.  She became a professional nun of the Ursuline order on 1 Aug 1661, and was known as Sister St. Francois Xavier.

vi. Joseph Godefroy dit Delinctot, Sr. DeVieuxpont, born 20 Jul 1645 in Trois Rivières; died Bet. 22 Nov 1696 - 27 May 1699 in Trois Rivières.

vii. Jean Amador Godefroy, Sr. of St. Paul & Tonnerre, born 18 Jul 1649 in Trois Rivières; died 10 Sep 1730 in Trois Rivières; m. Marie Madeleine Jutras dit Vallee 12 Nov 1675 in Trois Rivières.

viii. Pierre Godefroy dit Delinctot, born 20 Jan 1651 in Trois Rivières; died Bef. 1666 in Trois Rivières.

ix. Marie-Renee Godefroy, born 19 Oct 1652 in Trois Rivières; died 30 Apr 1736 in Trois Rivières; m.  Pierre Boulanger, Sieur of St. Pierre 16 May 1677 in Québec City.

x. Pierre Godefroy, Sieur of Roquetaillade, born 30 Sep 1655 in Trois Rivières; died Bet. 15 Jan 1677 - 1688 in Trois Rivières.

xi. Jean Baptiste Godefroy, born 31 Mar 1658 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC.

See: Biography – GODEFROY DE LINTOT, JEAN – Volume I (1000-1700)

Thomas Godefroy de Normanville -- 10th great grand uncle

Thomas was born about 1610 in Lintot, pays de Caux, en Normandie, France; and died 1652 in (Huronia) Canada.  He was the younger son of Pierre Godefroy de Linctot and Perrette Cavalier and the brother of Jean Baptiste Godefroy de Linctot, Sieur and Anne Godfroy.

In 1641, a Trois Rivières land grant to him by governor M. de Montmagny.

From: Caesars of the Wilderness: Médard Chouart, Sieur Des Groseilliers and Pierre Esprit Radisson, 1618-1710, by Grace Lee Nute:

"Both Jean and his brother Thomas, Sieur de Normanville, were accustomed to life among the Indians, both Iroquois and Algonkins. Thomas Godefroy was captured by the Iroquois and tortured to death by them."

See: GODEFROY DE NORMANVILLE, THOMAS - Dictionary of Canadian

Anne Godefroy -- 9th great grandmother

Anne was born about 1615 in Normandie, France; and died 26 MAR 1678 in Normandie, France.  She was the daughter of Pierre Godefroy de Linctot and Perrette Cavalier.

She married Jean Testard dit Lafontaine 31 Dec 1630 in Normandie, France.  Jean Testard dit Lafontaine was born about 1612 in Normandie, France; and died 18 Mar 1705 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Jean and his children arrived in Quebec about 1652.

Children of Jean Testard dit Lafontaine and Anne Godefroy:

i. Anne Testard, born about 1638 in Normandie, France; and died 1663 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Jacques Testard De La Forest, born about 1639 in Normandie, France; and died in Quebec, Canada.

iii. Charles Testard, born about 1640 in Normandie, France; and died 1705 in Quebec, Canada.

+iv. Jeanne Testard, born about 1642 in Normandie, France; and died 18 Jan 1723 • Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.  She married Francois Leber (Lebert) who became known as "The Father of the Fur Trade."

See: My Leber Family -- La Prairie, Quebec, Canada

Our Lineage from Anne Godefroy:

Anne Godefroy (1615 - 1678) -- 9th great grandmother

Jeanne Testard (1642 - 1723) -- daughter of Anne Godefroy

Marie Le Ber (1666 - 1756) -- daughter of Jeanne Testard

Marie Elisabeth Bourassa (1695 - 1766) -- daughter of Marie Le Ber

Joseph Pinsonneau (Pinsono) (1733 - 1779) -- son of Marie Elisabeth Bourassa

Gabriel Pinsonneau (Pinsono) (1770 - 1807) -- son of Joseph Pinsonneau (Pinsono)

Gabriel (Gilbert) Passino (Passinault) (Pinsonneau) (1803 - 1877) -- son of Gabriel Pinsonneau (Pinsono)

Lucy Passino (1836 - 1917) -- daughter of Gabriel (Gilbert) Passino (Passinault) (Pinsonneau)

Abraham Lincoln Brown (1864 - 1948) -- son of Lucy Passino

Lydia Corinna Brown (1891 - 1971) -- daughter of Abraham Lincoln Brown -- grandmother

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