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Charles Michel de Langlade - Fur Trader & War Chief

Charles Michel de Langlade (born 9 May 1729 – died after 26 July 1801) (Métis) was a Great Lakes fur trader and war chief who was important to the French in protecting their territory. His mother was Ottawa and his father a French Canadian fur trader.

Fluent in Ottawa and French, Langlade later led First Nations forces in warfare in the region, at various times allied with the French, British and later Americans. Leading French and Indian forces, in 1752 he destroyed Pickawillany, a Miami village and British trading post in present-day Ohio, where the British and French were competing for control. During the subsequent Seven Years' War, he helped defend Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh) against the British. He was named second in command at Fort Michilimackinac and a captain in the Indian Department of French Canada.

After the defeat of the French in North America, Langlade became allied with the British, who took control of former French possessions and took the lead in the fur trade. During the American Revolutionary War, Langlade led Great Lakes Indians for the British against the rebel colonists and their Indian allies. At the end of the war, he retired to his home in present-day Green Bay, Wisconsin. Due to his having had a trading post at Green Bay since 1745 and later settling there, he is called the "Father of Wisconsin."

Source (above): Charles Michel de Langlade - Wikipedia


Charles Michel de Langlade's mother
was Domitilde (Ottawa) [aka Marie and Domitille].  She was the Ottawa wife of (1st) Daniel Amiot Villeneuve [our 8th great grand uncle]; (2nd), of Augustin Mouet Langlade.  She was the sister of Nissowaquet (Ottawa)

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Our Relationship:

Charles de Langlade (1729 - 1801) - husband of 1st cousin 7x removed

Charlotte Ambroise Bourassa (1735 - 1817) - wife of Charles de Langlade - 1st cousin 7x removed

Rene Bourassa (1688 - 1778) - father of Charlotte Ambroise Bourassa - 7th great uncle

Francois Bourassa (1659 - 1708) - father of Rene Bourassa - 7th great grandfather

Marie Elisabeth Bourassa (1695 - 1766) - daughter of Francois Bourassa - 6th great grandmother

Joseph Pinsonneau (Pinsono) (1733 - 1779) - son of Marie Elisabeth Bourassa

Gabriel Pinsonneau (Pinsono) (1770 - 1807) - son of Joseph Pinsonneau (Pinsono)

Gabriel (Gilbert) Passino (Passinault) (Pinsonneau) (1803 - 1877) - son of Gabriel Pinsonneau (Pinsono)

Lucy Passino (1836 - 1917) - daughter of Gabriel (Gilbert) Passino (Passinault) (Pinsonneau)

Abraham Lincoln Brown (1864 - 1948) - son of Lucy Passino

Lydia Corinna Brown (1891 - 1971) - daughter of Abraham Lincoln Brown - grandmother

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