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LaPrairie's Diel Family - Three Generations of Voyageurs

Voyageurs were French-Canadian engages, hired men, who travelled the lakes and rivers in bark canoes from Montreal to Lake Huron, Detroit, Michilimackinac, Green Bay and beyond. This was a physically demanding occupation which involved not only the hardships of nature, but the likelihood of being killed by hostile Indians.

Generation 1:

Charles Diel dit Le Petit Breton (1652 - 1702) 8th great-grandfather
born BEFORE 1652 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France
died 13 APR 1702 in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada
married Marie Anne Picard (1663 - 1697) 8th great-grandmother

1665 - He arrived in New France as a soldier with the Carignan Regiment.

1676 - He married Marie Anne Picard 1676 (d/o Jacques Hughes Picard dit LaFortune).

1677 - He was at Fort Frontenac when Frontenac took a his census of the Fort on 7 September 1677.

Many of the men who would accompany La Salle on his future voyages were residents of the Fort. By this time, La Salle had made most of his improvements to the fort. 

Following are names of the individuals recorded in the census: 

La Salle (governor), François Daupin, sieur de LaForest (major), Louis Hennepin (a Récollet), Luc Buisset (a Récollet), Sieur Jean Péré. 

Soldiers: La Fleur (sergeant), Duplessis, La Boise, Jean Baptiste Fafard dit Macons/Macouce, Meunier/Meusnier dit Laliberté, Jean Michel, André Hunault, Deslauriers, Antoine Brossard (ordered to go to meet the Onondaga), Lévéille (gone down to Montréal to bring up the carpenter disembarked lately), Gabriel Barbier dit LeMinime/Mimine (ordered into the brigantine), Jacques Bourdon, sieur d’Autray (ordered into the brigantine), Maheu (ordered into the brigantine), Jean la Rouxelière/ Rouxcel de Larousselière (surgeon absent on duty), Cauchois/Cochois (a servant of sieur de La Salle, ordered into the brigantine), Fontaine (a pilot of the barque called Le Frontenac). 

Workers: Olivier Quesnel (an armorer), Moïse Hilaret (ship’s carpenter gone down to make a shallop in Lac St. Sacrament), Jean Fontaine (ship’s carpenter gone down to make a shallop in Lac St. Sacrament), Laforge (the blacksmith gone to take them), Pierre Lecellier, Jolycoeur, Louis Méline, Jean Baptiste Brossard, Dubois (tailor gone down to Montréal ten days ago, sick), Joseph (joiner gone down to Montréal ten days ago, sick), Louis Douceregnié, Larose/La Rosée (mason), Jean Baptiste Caron/Colon/Coron dit La Violette de Paris (mason), Thomas Brésil (mason), René Gervais (mason), Pierre Perrault/Perot (carpenter), Pierre Perrault/Perot (his son), Jean Barraud, Antoine Alain. 

Habitants: Curaillon, Jean Michaud (has his wife and four children), Jacques de LaMétairie, Mathurin Grégoire (wife and three children). 

In addition to the individuals named in the census, the following men brought supplies to Fort Frontenac: Lavigne, Bourbonnais, Charles Diel, Picard, Pigoret, Larivière de Tours, Charles Ptolomée, Nicolas Bonhomme, Nicolas Gagné/Gaigner, Laforge, and Charlier

1684 - Leger Hebert of Cap de la Trinite has a trade permit and hires Charles Diel to go to the Outaouais country with Pierre Lefebvre and Antoine Caille on 20 September 1684 for the sum of 630 livres. Because they had never been there before, they are guided by Jean Lesieur dit La Calot who promises to lead them to Michilimackinac without receiving part of their share. That same day, they borrow the value of "2616 livres and six sols" of merchandise. 

Charles Diel is 31 years old at the time of the trip to Michilimackinac and has been married to Marie Anne Picard for 8 years. He traded for furs with the Indians in the middle of the Great Lakes at Ft. Michilimackinac. However, he was at his daughter's burial on or about 9 DEC 1684, so he did not winter over on this trip. 

1688 - Jean Deniau guarantees them of other trips for Hilarie Bourgine. The first voyage is followed by a second in 1688. On 31 July of that year, Charles Diel promises Antoine Caille to go to the Outaouais to "put forward the good of their association". On the third of August, with Pierre Lefebvre and Andre Danny, he borrows 1063 livres, 2 sols, and six sums of money from Hilarie Bourgine, and, on the same day, in company of Antoine Caille and Pierre Lefebvre, 81 livres, 15 sols and six deniers from the same. 

On 20 October 1704, Charles Diel rents to his son-in-law, Francois Bory, for five years, the land of St. Lambert, Laprairie. He sells the moist land to Nicolas Varrin dit Lapistole on 24 July 1707 for the sum of 600 livres.  Is he obtaining money to buy trade goods?

1692 - On 16 SEP 1692, Charles Diel, Antoine Cailler, and Pierre Le febvre appeared at a judicial hearing concerning a payment in fur to Madame Perrot of Laprairie with furs that they apparently transported from Michilimackinac to Montreal for a third party.. ???? pg. 95 Edge of Empire .

Generation 2:

Charles Diel (1688 - 1734) 7th great-grandfather
born  5 AUG 1688 in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada
died 21 JUN 1734 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada
married (1) Jeanne Boyer (1694 - 1730) 7th great-grandmother (2) Marguerite Robert (1683 - 1766)

1 October 1713 – Gilles Lecours and Charles Cusson hired Charles Diel to make a voyage to Détroit [Antoine Adhémar].

1716 - married to Jeanne Boyer.

1718 - On  28  May  1718, Pierre  Roy hired  Charles  Diel  to make  a  voyage  to  Détroit  [RAPQ1930, p. 223 - also  see  the  entries  for  François  Roy,  Étienne  Roy,  and  Louis Roy  for  this  same time  period]. 

Generation 3:

Charles Diel (1722 - 1756) 7th great-uncle
Birth 29 JAN 1722 • Laprairie,Quebec, Canada
Death ABOUT 1756
married  Marie Felicite Sauve Laplante (1727–1759)

1747 - Charles Diel, the son of the second Charles, made a trip in May 1747 to Wabash, Indiana.

1746 - He married Felicite Sauve dit Laplante 15 JAN 1746, in Indiana.

1751 - He made trips to Michilimackinac in June 1751 and May 1755. 

Source: The French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan (Voyageur contracts)

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