Friday, April 27, 2012

Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas -- Wayne Morris

Wayne Morris (1914–1959), was an American film and television actor.  During World War II he was a highly-decorated fighter ace.  After the war he made a series B-Westerns for Allied Artists, Monogram, and Warner Bros.

He died young with a massive heart attack at age 45.  He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Wayne Morris's Santa Susana locations filmography includes:

Bushwhackers, The (1952) starring John Ireland, Wayne Morris and Lawrence Tierney - Realart

Desperado, The (1954) starring Wayne Morris, Jimmy Lydon and Beverly Garland - Allied Artists
Fighting Lawman, The (1953) starring Wayne Morris, Virginia Grey and John Kellogg (Corriganville) Allied Artists

Land Beyond the Law (1937) starring Dick Foran, Linda Perry and Wayne Morris (Iverson Ranch) Warner Bros.

Marksman, The (1953) starring Wayne Morris, Elena Verdugo and Frank Ferguson (Iverson Ranch) Allied Artists

Riding Shotgun (1954) starring Randolph Scott, Wayne Morris and Joan Weldon (Bell Ranch) Warner Bros.

Sierra Passage (1951) starring Wayne Morris, Lola Albright and Lloyd Corrigan - Monogram

Stage to Tucson (1950) starring Rod Cameron, Wayne Morris and Kay Buckley (Iverson Ranch) Columbia
Star of Texas (1953) starring Wayne Morris, Paul Fix and Frank Ferguson - Allied Artists

Texas Bad Man (1953) starring Wayne Morris, Frank Ferguson and Elaine Riley (Corriganville) Allied Artists
Two Guns and a Badge (1954) starring Wayne Morris, Morris Ankrum and Beverly Garland - Allied Artists

Younger Brothers, The (1949) starring Wayne Morris, Janis Paige and Bruce Bennett - Warner Bros

Guest television appearances:

Gunsmoke (TV series) 1958
Maverick (TV series) 1958
Wagon Train (TV series) 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive (TV series) 1959
Bat Masterson (TV series) 1959

'Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas' is a continuing series about "six-gun heroes that performed on movie location ranches in Chatsworth, California.  For more information about Chatsworth filming locations see to find information about my books: Rendezvous at Boulder Pass: Hollywood's Fantasyland - 2010 and Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas - 2008.

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