Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cowboy Chic -- Rancho deluxe dressers and nightstands

Building cabinets one at a time is slow work and expensive.   It made a lot more sense to collaborate with an unpainted-furniture builder.  I found just such a source in the San Fernando Valley and worked with him for more than a decade.  He had a well-crafted line of simple pine furniture in the vein of clean Amish lines.  He also had a variety of dressers, which allowed me to create artwork for a nine-drawer dresser, a highboy chest (above), a five-drawer chest, and a pleasing, yet functional nightstand (above).  The highboy chest in the foreground is the "Wrangler Joe" design, which was also my logo for "Lure of the Dim Trails" business.

"Biscuit Blues" is the cowboy camp design on the highboy chest (above).

"Sierra Sue" (with her beau) is the design on the five-drawer chest (above).

A nine-drawer dresser with mirror image "Bronc Rider" designs (above) was one of my most requested designs.

"Cowgirl Nell" (with her colt) adorned this one-of-a-kind dresser.  The mirror above is "Twilight on the Trail."

Finally, here's a sampler of nightstand designs.  The two in the center featuring a trout fisherman and a quail hunter are another one-of-a-kind order to be used as end tables in a rustic lodge.


I closed the doors on the "Lure of the Dim Trails" business in 2002 because sales could no longer sustain the effort.  The unpainted furniture builder also went out of business about the same time :-(

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