Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cowboy Chic -- Saddles and bridles for decoration

To my way of thinking no "cowboy chic" home is complete without a saddle on a stand, and some artistic cowboy gear and horse trappings hanging on the walls.  Saddles and fancy bridles add a touch of buckaroo class to the ol' rancho.  That's why I almost always had some Old West antiques for sale with my furniture.  In this photo (above) taken at the "Cowboy Traditions Show" in Tucson I had a fancy Visalia Saddle and Bridle on the iron stand at the far left.

Old time slick fork saddles on one of my saddle stands (like the one above) always look good in a family room, den, or even a highfalutin barn.

Add a touch of art like the Jo Mora cowboy poster (above); then throw in some chaps, a couple of fancy bridles, and a cowboy hat or two and you've got a cowboy chic room.

Not everybody can afford one (and this one is all that flashy), but if you can find a Bohlin or Visalia parade saddle (above) it's just like money in the bank, and it adds a perfect Western touch even in a living room.

This 1930s Visalia saddle (above) sold for $3000.00 without the saddle bags, and the rawhide reata (lasso) sold for an additional $195.00.  Those two items kept ol' Sunup and the boys in hay for almost a year :-)

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