Friday, January 27, 2012

Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas -- Tom Mix

Tom Mix (1880 - 1940) was arguably the greatest cowboy superstar of silent film era--he certainly had a flashier wardrobe.  He made over 300 films between 1910 and 1935.  His horse was also a celebrity, and was billed as "Tony the Wonder Horse."  Mix did most of his own stunts, and suffered many injuries as a result.

Tom's Santa Susana Pass locations filmography:

The Miracle Rider (1935) - Tom Mix (Iverson Ranch) Mascot [serial]

Desert Love (1920) - Tom Mix (Chatsworth) Fox

Do and Dare (1922) - Tom Mix (Chatsworth)(photo above) Fox
Flaming Guns (1932) - Tom Mix (Chatsworth) Universal

The Fourth Horseman (1932) - Tom Mix (Iverson Ranch) Universal

In 1935, Tom Mix was still an A-list star when he made The Miracle Rider (photo above) his last film and his only sound serial.  Tom was paid $10,000.00 a week to make the serial in four weeks of filming.

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