Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas -- William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy)

William Boyd (1895 – 1972) was a B-Western star who was best known for his portrayal of Hopalong Cassidy.

In 1935, Boyd won the title role for the original Hopalong Cassidy movie, and went on to make 66 films ending in 1947.  He even produced the final 12 films.

Believing in television's potential, he purchased the rights to the Hopalong Cassidy character (including books and films) for $350,000, and released the films to television in 1949.  They became extremely popular and began a long-running history on television. Like Rogers and Autry, Boyd licensed much merchandise, including such products as Hopalong Cassidy watches, trash cans, cups, dishes, Topps trading cards, a comic strip, comic books, radio shows and cowboy outfits.  Boyd so completely identified with his character that he dressed as Hoppy in public.

Bill's Santa Susanas locations filmography

Dangerous Venture (1947) - William Boyd - United Artists
Lumberjack (1944) - William Boyd with Andy Clyde (Iverson Ranch)(photo above) United Artists

The Marauders (1947) - William Boyd (Iverson Ranch)(photos above and below) United Artists

Mystery Man (1944) - William Boyd (Iverson scenes) United Artists
The Showdown (1940) - William Boyd (Iverson Ranch) 

Undercover Man (1942) - William Boyd (Iverson Ranch)(lobby photos above and below)

Several of the "Hopalong Cassidy TV Series" (1952–1954) episodes had outdoor scenes filmed on the Iverson Ranch.


  1. Great Hollywood cowboy ; nice trail clothes designed by Edith Head who later modified this creation and put Jane russell into these cowboy duds in the 1952 movie " Son of Paleface " ; very sexy !

  2. Thanks for the comment. Very interesting.

  3. my child memories, hoppy, kemo sabay, roy, gene, johnny the nevada kid, durango...oh my god!