Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas -- Dave O'Brien

'Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas' is a continuing series about "six-gun heroes that performed on movie location ranches in Chatsworth, California.  For more information about Chatsworth filming locations see to find information about my books: Rendezvous at Boulder Pass: Hollywood's Fantasyland - 2010 and Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas - 2008.

Dave O'Brien (1912 - 1969) was an American film actor, director and writer.  His film career started with bit parts until he gradually won larger roles, mostly in B-Westerns.  

During the mid 1940s he starred in several Westerns produced by PRC, and was billed as Dave 'Tex' O'Brien, alluding to his home state.

Dave O'Brien's Santa Susana locations filmography:

Captain Midnight (1942) starring Dave O'Brien, Dorothy Short, James Craven (Iverson Ranch) Columbia [serial]

Border Buckaroos (1943) starring Dave O'Brien (Corriganville) Alexander-Stern

Boss of Rawhide (1943) starring Dave O'Brien - Alexander-Stern

Brand of the Devil (1944) starring Dave O'Brien (Corriganville) PRC
Fighting Valley (1943) starring Dave O'Brien (Corriganville) PRC

Gangsters of the Frontier (1944) starring Tex Ritter and Dave O'Brien (Corriganville) PRC
The Pinto Bandit (1944) starring Dave O'Brien (Corriganville) PRC
The Rangers Take Over (1942) starring Dave O'Brien - PRC
The Return of the Rangers (1943) starring Dave O'Brien - PRC

Spook Town (1944) starring Dave O'Brien and Jim Newill - PRC

Trail of Terror (1943) starring Dave O'Brien and Jim Newill - PRC
West of Texas (1943) starring Dave O'Brien - PRC

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