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Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas -- Don Barry

'Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas' is a continuing series about "six-gun heroes that performed on movie location ranches in Chatsworth, California.  For more information about Chatsworth filming locations see to find information about my books: Rendezvous at Boulder Pass: Hollywood's Fantasyland - 2010 and Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas - 2008.

Donald "Red" Barry (1912 – 1980) was an American film actor who was originally discovered because he had been a college football star.  His film career began with small roles playing villains and henchmen at various studios before he won a role that changed his life.  In 1940 Republic cast him in the lead for its new serial Adventures of Red Ryder (1940).  It was that role that gave him the nickname "Red." 

Throughout the 1940s he acted in a series of B-Westerns, but his combative nature and oversized ego caused him to alienate many casts and crews, and by 1950 his career was pretty much in the tank.  

Barry moved to lesser companies like Lippert and Screen Guild, and continued to make low-budget Westerns (often in small supporting roles, sometimes uncredited) until the 1970s.  In 1980 he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Don "Red" Barry's Santa Susana locations filmography:

Adventures of Red Ryder (1940) - Don 'Red' Barry (Burro Flats) (Iverson Ranch) Republic [serial]
Desert Bandit (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Apache Kid, The (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Arizona Terrors (1942) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Black Hills Express (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic

Border Rangers (1950) - Don 'Red' Barry (Corriganville) Lippert
California Joe (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Canyon City (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Carson City Cyclone (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Chicago Kid, The (1945) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Cyclone Kid, The (1942) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic

Dalton Gang, The (1949) - Don 'Red' Barry - Screen Guild
Days of Old Cheyenne (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Dead Man's Gulch (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Death Valley Outlaws (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Desert Bandit (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Frontier Vengeance (1940) - Don 'Red' Barry (Burro Flats) Republic

Fugitive from Sonora (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Ghost Valley Raiders (1940) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch)(Corriganville)  Republic
Gun Duel in Durango (1957) - George Montgomery, Don 'Red' Barry (Corriganville) United Artists
Gunfire (1950) - Don 'Red' Barry - Lippert
I Shot Billy the Kid (1950) - Don 'Red' Barry - Lippert

Jesse James, Jr. (1942) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic 

Kansas Cyclone (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic 
Man from the Rio Grande, The (1943) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Missouri Outlaw, A (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
One Man's Law (1940) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Outlaws of Pine Ridge (1942) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Outlaws of Santa Fe (1944) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Phantom Cowboy, The (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic

Red Desert (1949) - Don 'Red' Barry - Lippert
Sombrero Kid, The (1942) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Square Dance Jubilee (1949) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Screen Guild

Stagecoach Express (1942) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic (photo courtesy of Bruce Hickey)
Sundown Kid, The (1942) - Don 'Red' Barry - Republic

Texas Terrors (1940) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Tough Assignment (1949) - Don 'Red' Barry - Screen Guild
Train to Tombstone (1950) - Don 'Red' Barry - Lippert
Tulsa Kid, The (1940) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Two Gun Sheriff (1940) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic
Untamed Heiress (1954) - Judy Canova/Don 'Red' Barry - Republic
Wyoming Wildcat (1941) - Don 'Red' Barry (Iverson Ranch) Republic

Calling All Marines (1939) - Don 'Red' Barry (Imdb Iverson) Republic

Disclaimer: This list of movie titles and credits has been compiled from many sources.  It has not been independently verified.  Titles with location credits in parentheses are either movies I own or come from a source I feel has a higher level of creditability.

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