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Celebrating 100 years of Chatsworth Movies -- Westerns 1956

By 1956 television is becoming the reigning media.  We are seeing fewer Western movies produced every year.  By 1959 there will be 26 TV Westerns airing on prime time.  The Western is becoming bloodier and darker by the year, and it's only a few years away from its total demise with a final flourish of spaghetti Westerns.  At least that's the way I saw it :-(

Black Whip, The (1956) starring Hugh Marlowe, Coleen Gray and Adele Mara (Iverson Ranch)(Corriganville) 20th Century-Fox

Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado (1956) starring Howard Duff, Victor Jory and Margaret Field (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

Brass Legend, The (1956) starring Hugh O'Brian, Nancy Gates and Raymond Burr (Iverson Ranch) United Artists

Ghost Town (1956) starring Kent Taylor, John Smith and Marian Carr (Iverson Ranch) United Artists
Gun Brothers (1956) starring Buster Crabbe, Ann Robinson and Neville Brand (Corriganville) United Artists
Gunslinger (1956) starring John Ireland, Beverly Garland and Allison Hayes (Iverson Ranch) ARC

Hidden Guns (1956) starring Bruce Bennett, Richard Arlen, John Carradine (Corriganville) Republic
I Killed Wild Bill Hickok (1956) starring Johnny Carpenter, Helen Westcott and Tom Brown (Iverson Ranch) Wheeler Co.

Johnny Concho (1956) starring Frank Sinatra, Keenan Wynn and William Conrad (Corriganville) United Artists

Lone Ranger, The (1956) starring Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels and Lyle Bettger (Iverson Ranch) Warner Bros.

Massacre (1956) starring Dane Clark, James Craig and Martha Roth - Lippert
Massacre at Sand Creek (1956) starring Everett Sloane, John Derek and Gene Evans (Corriganville) CBS

Mohawk (1956) starring Scott Brady, Rita Gam and Neville Brand (Corriganville) 20th Century-Fox
Naked Gun (1956) starring Willard Parker, Mara Corday and Barton MacLane (Corriganville) AFRC

Naked Hills, The (1956) starring David Wayne, Keenan Wynn and James Barton (Iverson Ranch)(Corriganville) Allied Artists

Pardners (1956) starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Lori Nelson - comedy (Iverson Ranch) Paramount

Secret of Treasure Mountain (1956) starring Valerie French, Raymond Burr and William Prince (Iverson Ranch) Columbia

Tension At Table Rock (1956) starring Richard Egan, Dorothy Malone and Cameron Mitchell (Iverson Ranch) RKO

Three Outlaws, The (1956) starring Neville Brand, Alan Hale Jr. and Bruce Bennett (Corriganville) Associated

Thunder Over Arizona (1956) starring Skip Homeier, Kristine Miller and George Macready (Iverson Ranch) Republic

White Squaw, The (1956) starring David Brian, May Wynn and William Bishop (Iverson Ranch) Columbia
Wild Dakotas, The (1956) starring Bill Williams, Coleen Gray and Jim Davis (Iverson Ranch) Associated

Yaqui Drums (1956) starring Rod Cameron, Mary Castle and J. Carrol Naish - Allied Artists
Young Guns, The (1956) starring Russ Tamblyn, Gloria Talbott and Perry Lopez (Corriganville) Allied Artists

Disclaimer: This list of movie titles and credits has been compiled from many sources.  It has not been independently verified.  Titles with location credits in parentheses are either movies I own or come from a source I feel has a higher level of creditability. 

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