Thursday, October 20, 2011

What does a Chemical Neurobiologist and an old Cowboy have in common?

Besides the fact that we are father and daughter, we are also fishing buddies.  My daughter is a scientist with a Ph.D earned at MIT--can you say PROUD, and I'm a retired carpenter/artist/writer turned cowboy who spends as much time as possible with my horses or paddling a canoe.  

It's not surprising that my scientist daughter takes the more intellectual approach to the art of angling and prefers fly fishing to other forms.  But every now and then she finds time to go on a canoe-fishing trip with me, and the contest is on to see who can catch the biggest or the most fish.  Last year during a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, my daughter caught the most fish, but I caught the biggest.

Wyoming's upper Snake River offered something special for each of our fishing styles.  I explored the back waters of the Oxbow Bend with my canoe and captured some wonderful wildlife photos along with one pretty nice lake trout.  My daughter renewed her spirit (normally city-bound) by wading off gravel bars and casting dry flies to rising cutthroat.  We both enjoyed our respective fishing methods and shared the results with one pretty fantastic fish fry.  

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