Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cowboy Chic -- Chip-carved mirrors and hat racks

Just as I had decorated my carved desks, I also whittled little relief carvings for a series of mirrors and hat racks.  The mirror above was titled "Forest Council."

Above are close-up details of three mirrors: "Sing to 'em Cowboy" (top), "Prairie Pals (center), and "Forest Council (bottom).

The mirror above was a very special commission for a friend who passed away a couple years back.  The mirror was titled "Ginger's Baby Al," and features Ginger's frolicking chestnut colt.

I did a whole series of simple mirrors for clients who wanted one of my signature pieces, but couldn't afford the cost of the work required for my larger mirrors.  The one above is my "Bronco Buster" mirror.

The hat rack above was my interpretation of Stetson's "Good to the Last Drop" ad, depicting a cowboy watering his horse from his hat.  The deer antlers work pretty well for hanging hats, don't ya think?

Above is a frame with carved decorations covering a standard home medicine, making it my own.  

Above is a variation of one of my hat racks.  This one is actually a spur rack (done for a collector pal).  I called the artwork on this piece a "reverse silhouette" because the images are not colored.

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