Monday, December 19, 2011

New owner at the "Crossroads Saloon"

It was about 1960 that Hank and Joe was working for a big cow outfit a few miles east of Temecula, California.

As was their custom, when they got the week's assignment completed--usually late Saturday afternoon--they headed for The Crossroads, a little watering hole about half way to town.

Ol' Hawk had a cow-dog named Lucky that just naturally jumped in the back of the pickup truck 'cause he went every place with those boys.

One day while Hank and Joe was enjoying a cold longneck,  Lucky in his usual spot under their feet,  A new bar-keep comes over to the table, and advises the boys that he's the new owner of this "fine establishment" an' cow-dogs are strictly not allowed in the place.

Joe tries to argue, explaining they've been coming here for years, and Lucky has always been allowed 'cause he's got the manners of a gent.

But, it's no go--the new owner of the saloon isn't impressed.  He says he's trying to "upgrade the joint," so dogs are no longer welcome.

Given no other choice, Hank and Joe leave the saloon, and start back toward the ranch.  About a mile down the road they pass a sheep pen that gives Hank an idea.  He turns around, backs up to a chute, and explains his plan to Joe.

A few minutes later--with a pickup full of sheep--Hank backs the truck up to the door of the saloon, drops the tailgate, and runs the sheep into the place.

It was quite a picture--a dozen sheep scrambling under tables, knocking' over chairs, bleating, and crapping--all the time looking for a way out of the newly "upgraded establishment."

The bar-keep who is fit to be tied starts yelling,  "Get them d--- sheep outta here!"  Cooly,  Hank explains to him that he's not qualified, and the only one who can do the job is Lucky who isn't allowed in the joint.  

Given no choice the new owner of The Crossroads says, " Okay,  you win.   Get those sheep outta here, and the dog can stay."

I wasn't there, but Lucky swears it's a true story.

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