Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cowboy Chic -- Whimsical cowboy paintings

All my life I've fooled around with art.  When I was in college, I took the sum total of three art classes.  Although I had lots of fun learning about the basics, I soon realized I was no Rembrandt.  

When my eldest grandson Ryan was born,  the  "whimsical painting" (above) I titled Ride 'm Cowboy Ryan, and gave it to his mother.  I know it hung in his room for many years, but now that he's almost grown I'm betting it's been replaced with something a little more adult.

Continuing with my whimsical painting approach to art, I painted a Pecos Bill wanna-be (above) riding a grizzly bear, and titled it Trouble Bruin.  I took it to the cowboy traditions show down in Tucson in 1995.  The girlfriend of an artist who did hitched horsehair work fell in love with it, so I traded it for a hitched belt.  I figured I got the better end of that trade, but the hitcher turned out to be a crook and never mailed the belt as promised.  The painting isn't worth much, but if you happen to see it hanging somewhere beware of its owner.

My next whimsical painting (above), part of a trilogy, I titled Sing to 'em Bill.  It's my interpretation of a comical Buffalo Bill singing to a herd of buffalo.  I gave it to my son, who hung it in his family room.  Maybe someday he'll refine his taste  and get rid of it.

Funny how time changes things.  These old paintings are startin' to look better in my mind's eye.  Maybe it's time to drag out the easel and paints.  I might be better at it now--15 years later--Quién sabe?

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