Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Chatsworth Movies -- The Renegade Ranger (1938)

Directed by David Howard -- The Renegade Ranger (1938) -- is a first class George O'Brien Western that also features twenty year-old Rita Hayworth and newcomer Tim Holt.


Jack Steele (George O'Brien) is a Texas Ranger who has been sent to bring in Ranchero Judith Alvarez (Rita Hayworth) who is wanted for murder.

Judith Alvarez and her outlaw gang have been battling evil government officials who have cheated ranchers out of their land.

Larry Corwin (Tim Holt) is an ex-Ranger who rides for Alvarez, and things get dicey when he reveals the true identity of Jack Steele who is undercover.


George O'Brien as Captain Jack Steele
Rita Hayworth as Judith Alvarez
Tim Holt as Larry Corwin
Ray Whitley as Happy
Lucio Villegas as Don Juan Campielo
William Royle as Ben Sanderson
Cecilia Callejo as Toñia Campielo
Neal Hart as Sheriff Joe Rawlings
Monte Montague as Monte
Bob Kortman as Idaho
Charles Stevens as Manuel
Jim Mason as Hank
Tom London as Red

For Iverson Movie Ranch aficionados there are plenty of scenes lensed in (and around) the famous Garden of the Gods pinnacles.

I recommend watching this action packed oater -- best of all you can watch it for free on

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  1. Tim Holt is awesome. What a smile. And just like Gene, so easy going (for the most part)...

  2. Drinfting tes photos sont formidable!...surtout celle de Rita Cansino....

    Un bon trio au générique et un 4e Ray Whitley Singing et grand guitariste!...

    So long Jica