Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best Chatsworth Movies -- The Taming of the West (1939)

The Taming of the West (one of my favorite Bill Elliott films) is directed Norman Deming, and stars Bill Elliott, Iris Meredith and Dick Curtis.


Marshal Bates of Prairie Port is shot to death by outlaw gambler Turkey when he tries to stop a saloon brawl.  Wild Bill Saunders, a peaceable newcomer in town pursues Turkey, and brings him back dead.  

Watch Wild Bill in his pursuit of Turkey in the Garden of the Gods:

Wild Bill is appointed marshal.  

Outlaws Rawhide and Handy attempt to rob Mary Jenkins (Pepper's sister) as she is driving into town, her team runs away, and Bill and Pepper find her dead under the overturned wagon.

Bill arrests and jails Rawhide and Handy, but Carp Blaisdale, the town banker (secretly the outlaw leader) promises his henchmen he will intimidate the witnesses so they will refuse to testify. 

Mrs. Gardner tells the court that her husband has been so badly beaten that he cannot testify.  Pepper follows Handy and other outlaws and sees them shoot another witness. 

Wild Bill arrives in time to save Pepper from being killed. Bill now begins to suspect Blaisdale as the ring leader and sets a trap to capture him.


Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Saunders
Iris Meredith as Pepper
Dick Curtis as Rawhide
Dub Taylor as Cannonball
James Craig as Handy
Stanley Brown as Slim
Ethan Allen as Judge Bailey
Kenneth MacDonald as Blaisdale
Victor Wong as Cholly Wong
Charles King as Jackson

This is a first class B-Western with lots of action on the Iverson Ranch in Chatsworth.

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