Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Drifting Cowboy's Voyageur Legacy Vignettes (2015 - 2018 index)

Voyageur Legacy Vignettes previously published between 2105 and 2018:

Was Cousin Daniel A Potawatomi Chief?

Great Granddad was a French Sharpshooter

Cowboy Legacy -- Great Granddad Was A Fur Trader

Was Great Grandma A Marranos of Portugal

Great-Uncle Rene Was A Coureurs Des Bois

Great Granddad Was Murdered By Iroquois Indians

Great Grandma Was A French King's Daughter

Great Grandmother's Brothers came with Samuel de Champlain

Two Carignan-Salières Soldiers and a Pair of Filles Du Roi

Cousin Jean Baptiste was Michilimackinac's Blacksmith

Great-Uncle Daniel Amiot Canoes to the Gulf of Mexico

It must be in my Genes...

Great Granddad Jean Canoes to Huron Country

Uncle Charles was a Voyageur for Cadillac

Cousin Charles Boyer Was a Nor'Wester

Voyageur Legacy - LaPrairie Ancestors (1647 - 1699)

Great Grandma was an Orphan, Killed by Indians

Great Granddad was a member of the Traite de Tadoussac

My Leber Family -- La Prairie, Quebec, Canada

Fur Trade Goods -- Beads and Silver

Great-Grandfather Jean-Baptiste Meunier Meets the Poncas

Uncle Charles Lagasse on the Columbia Plateau with David Thompson

Uncle Pierre, Nor'Wester goes to Portage de la Montagne

A Canoe Load of French-Canadian Ancestors

Cousin François Rivet Mountain Man - Traveled with Lewis and Clark

Pierre Poupart and One Hundred Years of Voyageur Descendants

Cousin Andre Lagasse was an Interpreter for David Thompson

Great-uncle Joseph a NWC Voyageur who Travelled with Alexander Mackenzie

Great-aunt Denise was a Mother of Voyageurs

Great-uncle Joseph wins lawsuit against Cadillac

Great-uncle Pierre Duquet, Explorer and First Canadian-born Notary

Great Uncle Laurent a Voyageur to the Country of the Illinois and Louisiana

Great Grandma ran the Best Little "Maison Close" in Quebec

The French and Indian Wars were all about the Fur Trade - Our Ancestors were on both sides

Great Granddad Gabriel Lemieux was a Voyageur on the Ottawa River

Was Great Grandfather Gabriel Loyal to the United States

Uncle Jacques Le Ber - Trading Post Partner at Lachine

Fur Trade Timeline and My French-Canadian Ancestors

1670, Daumont de Saint-Lusson and Nicolas Perrot Claim the Great Lakes

LaPrairie's Diel Family - Three Generations of Voyageurs

Charles Michel de Langlade - Fur Trader & War Chief

Pioneer Ancestors That Settled in the Wilderness of New France Before 1637

Great Grandfather Canoes to Lac la Pluie (Rainy Lake)

The Fur Trade Lives On in the Art of Yesterday

Anne Couvent (Voyageur Mother) to Louis VIII, King of France

Zacharie Cloutier II on the 1666 Beaupré, New France Census

Hendrick Christiansen, Great-Grandfather of LaPrairie Voyageurs?

Re-examining the History of La Prairie-de-la-Madeleine

Jacques Deniau dit Destaillis accused of illegally selling brandy to savages

Great-Grandfather, was a soldier in the Régiment de la Reine

Complicated relationship of the Governor of Montreal and Rene Bourassa

Was Grandpa Gabriel Pinsonneau (1803-1877) involved in the Fur Trade?

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