Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cowboy and Horse Tales

Summary of Cowboy and Horse Tales posted through the end of 2012

Cowboy Mounted Shooting only has two enemies, rust and liberal politicians

Have you ever played Cowboys and Eskimos?

Cowboy Wisdom -- Why carry a sharp knife

Whiskey and horses don't mix -- tequila might kill you

Canadian whiskey and the paint mare

Growing up cowboy -- in the San Fernando Valley

Cowabunga -- the surf's up, dude

Cowboy Culture -- Horses vs Houses

Cowboy Culture -- Cowboy's lament

Cowboy Culture -- Unlikely compaƱeros

Cowboy Wisdom -- Don't use a mare to lead a pack string

Cowboy Legacy -- Belgian horses

Cowboy Culture -- working cowboys

Good 'Uns -- horses, trails, and friends

Cowboy Culture -- The Anomaly

Cowboy Culture -- Metrolink trains

Cowboy curiosity -- Little horses, big personalities

Cowboy Culture -- Says he can ride anything with hair on it!

Cowboy Culture -- Tony Alvis was the genuine article

Cowboy Culture -- Running mount to the high jump

Cowboy Culture -- A "bombproof horse" anyone can ride

Cowboy Wisdom -- Halters and horse sense

Cowboy Culture -- My 777 plan

Cowboy Culture -- First time in a pasture

Cowboy Culture -- Zinger a son of Far Ute Keno

Learning about Blackfeet and Buffalo

A rose between two thorns -- and other interesting characters

Cowboy Wisdom -- The most dangerous horse

Cowboy Wisdom -- Horse sense or credit where it isn't always due

Cowboy Wisdom -- Speak softly and carry a big stick

They don't make cowboys like Joe Beeler anymore

Barn Dances -- I've been to a few

Cowboy Heroes -- Jo Mora

Cowboy Heroes -- Charles Marion Russell

Cowboy Wisdom -- Never trust a ground-tied pack mule

Cowboy bars, saloons, and watering holes, but not honky-tonks

New owner at the "Crossroads Saloon"

Never miss a chance to tell a good tall tale

Cowboy Wisdom -- High altitude conditioning for horses

Cowboy Culture -- Getting back to my roots at Parada del Sol

Miles City, Montana -- Range Rider Museum

Wild horses and the "Loneliest Road in America"

Road trip -- White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Cowboy Culture -- Six degrees of separation and Baleyn

Cowboy Wisdom -- Beware of shape-shiftin' trails

Cowboy Culture -- Songs of the range

Cowboy Culture -- Cowboys can live without modern technology, can you?

Sunday, April 22 -- Chatsworth`s Day of The Horse

Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Horses and Movies Forever linked

San Fernando Valley Horses and Movies Are Forever Linked

Best Cowboy Knife Ever -- Buck Horseman's Knife

Cowboy Heroes -- Philip R. Goodwin

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