Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cowboy Legacy, Family & Ancestry

Summary of Cowboy Legacy, Ancestry and Genealogy stories posted through the end of 2012

Cowboy Legacy -- Iowa Territory 1845 to Nebraska 1869

Cowboy Legacy -- Nebraska 1869 to Idaho 1903

Cowboy Legacy -- French connection

Cowboy Legacy -- Grandpa Brown's barn

Cowboy Legacy -- Saskatchewan homesteader

Cowboy Legacy -- Wheat farming in Idaho

Cowboy Legacy -- Montana stump ranch 1912

Cowboy Legacy -- Discovering family photos

Cowboy Legacy -- Early Montana schools

Cowboy Legacy -- Bailey cowgirls

Cowboy Legacy -- Mountain Brook homestead

3rd Iowa Cavalry

Cowboy Legacy -- Itchy feet and Oakhurst

Cowboy Culture -- Making of a cowgirl

Cowboy Legacy -- Kendrick, Idaho 1903 - 1928

Cowboy Culture -- And the soccer tribe

British Legacy -- Four generations of wood workers

Cowboy Legacy -- Great-grandsons of the West

Cowboy Legacy -- The short, tragic life of Marcus Pierce

British Legacy -- Born 1826 in Newfoundland

Cowboy Legacy -- Looking north to Canada

Cowboy Legacy -- Lewiston Orchards and the Great Depression

British Legacy -- Seeking the American dream

Cowboy Culture -- Living fifty years with coach dogs

Cowgirls love jet pilots -- especially when they call you mom

British Legacy -- British Royal Artillery, West Indies 1795

Cowboy Legacy -- Puritan New England 1638 to Iowa Territory 1845

British Legacy -- Collecting antique woodworking tools

British Legacy -- Zeppelin raid over Plumstead, England

California Home Builder -- 1956 apprentice carpenter to building contractor

California Home Builder -- 1969 production home builder

California Home Builder -- 1972 construction manager

California Home Builder -- 1984 home building company manager

California Home Builder -- 2011 end of a 55 year career

Cowboy Legacy -- Pioneer trails Westward 1800 - 1935

Cowboy Legacy -- Great grandma was hanged for witchcraft

Cowboy Legacy -- Peaceable folks and a rough rider

Cowboy Legacy -- Founding father and independence

Cowboy Legacy -- Fight for Liberty

Cowboy Legacy -- Neva Plympton (1870-1939) Montana pioneer

Bronco Billy

Memorial Day -- Honoring those who gave everything

Family history mystery photographs

Happy Independence Day [2012]

Great granddad was burned at the stake

Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Horses and Movies Forever linked

San Fernando Valley Horses and Movies Are Forever Linked

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